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Property in Andalucia

Real estate investments have always been an investment for the future. Right now is the time to invest in Spain!

The main consideration when purchasing a property has always been the situation. That remains true today and especially in Spain. Andalusia is a special autonomous community in Spain, which holds for all real estate people interested in a special offer. With the keywords climate, sports, nature, recreation, infrastructure, variety, diversity of culture and landscape, optimum accessibility can be described Andalusia.

What does it mean in detail:
There is no other region in Europe, in which the sun shines almost 310 days a year, the average temperature is rarely below 10 degrees, here you find golf courses so numerous¬† that the stretch of coast between Malaga and Marbella is called Costa del Golf. The range of sports is so wide that you do water sports and winter sports (in the Sierra Nevada near Granada), or “just” go hiking. There are numerous nature reserves, which offer very different ways depending on season. The infrastructure has been expanded tremendously over the last year and is in no way inferior to the north European standard. In addition to an international airport in Malaga, there are fast trains to Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Cordoba. For those who don’t like to fly, Andalusia is easy to reach via the road and highways.

If you have decided to purchase property in Andalucia, you should note a few things. In particular, you must make sure that you also purchase a property that is legally and provided with all the legal requirment. Today, unfortunately, they still selling real estate that are not legal. Thus, in principle the purchase of a property always pay attention to two things, firstly that all legal requirements are in order and that property is conform with the building standards.

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